Wednesday, October 29, 2008

One Act One Scene Play

[Husband and Wife laying in bed. It is night time--all is quiet, and each is reading a novel. Wife has something in her throat. She clears her throat repeatedly]

Husband: Why don't you get some water? I keep hearing you cough and its driving me crazy.

Wife: Okay I'll drink something... Yeah maybe that will help.

[Wife goes down stairs and gets a glass of water. She drinks and returns to bed and her book]

Wife: [clears her throat and then her stomach rumbles]

Husband: [growing impatient] Wow your body is jubilant tonight. Your throat is singing; your stomach is singing.

[Just then Husband's stomach growls loudly. Husband whips his head toward his torso]

Husband: Was that my stomach?

Wife: [cracks up laughing] that's what you get for being so crazy.

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