Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Facebook blog--cuz i feel it must be reiterated

Years ago blogs were the thing. before there were social networking websites like facebook and myspace there were blogs. everybody had something to say and a reader interested in that something. Now personal blogs are going away.

I've had a blog for years and for a while i neglected it. I had a kid and a house and a husband and school and problems and shit that prevented me from feeling like i had anything to say. but recently i've come back. I'm redeeming my blog. I'm writing and though i'm not as fluid as i once was; i hope that soon i'll get there.

At one point strangers and friends would come to my blog and read my life and comment and leave to pursue their own lives. Then people who were too involved began reading and i began censoring. Its a fine line. too much info or lack of self expression. anyways, i'm interested in blogging again--even if there are less people interested now. Even if there is no audience. it doesn't matter. Its mine. and i'll hopefully be able to keep it forever and have my youth preserved with my words. with my poetry and thoughts and criticisms and mistakes. I'll have that no matter who reads or doesn't read.

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