Saturday, October 25, 2008


I've been reading posts from 2005 and 2006. Just browsing my old ass posts lol There was one saying something like "i really don't want to go back to school and have to stress over my gpa and all that jazz"

its funny reading this 3 years later. Having graduated summa cum laude and feeling lucky that I had the strength to go back semester after semester... even after all the shit that i went through. and finishing with my ONE DREAM successfully completed.

I wonder what i will dream of tomorrow. its strange once your dreams have come true. You feel this satisfaction that makes you slightly stagnate. what will i do tomorrow? Does it matter? I got all i wanted.

Its sooooo weird. I mean most of my young adult life consisted around graduating top of my class and having as much fun as i could manage in the mean time. I didn't really think beyond that. I know that sounds retarded, but nothing after that was really all that desirable to me.

SO NOW. i'm looking for a new dream. I new goal to make my life even more complete.

I wonder if Lia will be my next goal. --Making her life super successful. Hmmmm

It seems that way. She's my only care now. I'm over with. For a year while she was a baby and i was in school, my cares were shared between her life and my success. Now that I'm kind of out of the way all i think about is making lia brilliant and me getting in shape.

GRRRR now i'm just blabbing.

Peace easy pumpkin squeezy.


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