Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Grandma! What large ears you have!

The better to hear you with, my dear- replies the cunning wolf dressed as an elderly woman he had, only moments before, gobbled up like Grandma Pot Pie.

Now I present music, for your ears, that I've only just heard for the first time over the weekend and have consequently fallen deeply in-love with it all.

First a band on the RISE!: Carney

Walking into the House of Blues in downtown New Orleans, I'm taken aback by a sound. What sound?! You may be asking yourself. Well let me just tell you, it was the sound of Reeve Carney belting out his eerily hypnotizing melodies into the dim but unusually clear atmosphere of one of New Orleans's most diverse venues. On this very stage stood (well more like gyrated) Lady Gaga; where Rachel Vette and her band of brothers rocked out with their socks out- straight from the west bank for our viewing and hearing pleasure. Although all these thoughts may not have surfaced to the front of my consciousness, I was aware that this sound was joining the likes of my favorites. This voice was going to stay with me forever. All this before I ever saw their faces. Even before I watched them sway from side to side, pulled by the release of some inner energy- an aural soul...

Not only is their sound so incredibly a 60's, acid trip, take-a-chill-pill, extravaganza of harmonics-to top it all off: They are all GORGEOUS! Lead by 2 brothers Reeve and Zane Carney. This family's got it all. Check em out!! They're on tour now with The Veronica's. Honestly if given the opportunity I would see them again.

Next is Flow Tribe: a rare acoustic performance that left me speechless.


  1. I love discovering new music! thanks, girl!

    ps. I'm not at girlintheglasses anymore! I've moved to

  2. Thanks for the heads up!! :)


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