Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just so you know

Remember that time I ran away?
Nothing inside me to make me stay.
Not because I wanted to leave
A feat my heart could never achieve.

Till now I think of that very day--
All because of the words I couldn't say.
Or better yet the words you refused to hear
Out of indifference, discomfort, anger-- maybe fear?

Still I moved steadily farther
And part of you I remained no longer.
A stranger of the most awkward kind
Because of secrets that are no longer just mine.


  1. You should take up photography. I'd like to see what kind of visuals you'd post with your poetry.

  2. That's an interesting suggestion! THe only other time i've dealt with images was when I was forced to take an art class in college, but since then it's been all language.


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