Monday, June 22, 2009

It just so happens....

that as a citizen of the lovely state of Louisiana, one can never get too comfortable when it comes to winning. 

when rooting for the Saints, you PRAY, you BEG, you YELL, you CURSE!  you usually LOSE! but you feel it. Its always a close game. You always think this will be the big win!  And then they let you down. Beat you down to the freaking ground.

When rooting for LSU, you CHEER, you GESTICULATE, you BRAG! you usually WIN!, but only after a gut wrenchingly close finish... its never easy.  At one point you think you've got it in the bag; at another you think you're gunna be sick.  

ARG! Why do they do this to me!!???

Tonight is a great night, though.  LSU beat Texas.  Game 1 out of 3 is OURS!  GEAUX Tigers!

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