Friday, April 10, 2009


It starts out all fizzy
I tells ya...
Kinda fizzy fuzzy
In a funny sort o'way!

Right down in the pit of
me belly--
And me gets all yelly
And I laugh like a fool
While I try to keep cool.

Then it goes very low.
Just as far as it can go
While it pushes me down
Right down to the ground.
And me 'ands start to move
Doing things they shouldn't do.

Finally when the song has been sung
And the deed has been done.
And I see the final show
I hope nobody will know...

I just run away
A rambling jambling
Kinda get-a-way
A stay as far as I can stay-a-way

Laughing as I flee,
Chanting, "It was not Me!"


  1. Wonderful poem.. Wish you a very happy New Year 2011..

    Mine is here, Merry Christmas

    --Someone is Special--

  2. Happy New Year, Dear!
    what a lovely treat you have here.

    keep sharing, smiles.


  3. wonderful poem. mines here-

  4. Smiles!

    Sorry to be late for Potluck.


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