Sunday, April 05, 2009

Its over...

and i'm feeling that awkward mix of exhaustion and anxiety--it leaves you tired yet unable to unwind.  

What the hell am I talking about???!!?!  Why, Lee's Ironman 70.3, of course!  It has all but consumed our household for months, and now its done.  Finito! or is it?

I know after Lee's small break from long distance triathlons, he's gunna want to jump right back in for another one. And to be honest... I'll be both supportive and exasperated about it.  But I'll leave that discussion for when the time comes!

Anyway, life as usual for the last year has been anything but usual. I wonder what it will be like to have more time on our hands: Lee more time at home and me with more time away from it!  I'm sure it will feel pretty topsy turvy for a while, but I'm welcoming the change.


  1. Cool, how long did it take for him to finish it? We were in N.O. this weekend as well, brought the kids to the zoo n such.

  2. oh yeah! how fun... we were thinking about going to the children's museum but couldn't find the time.

    He finished the race in 5:36:26. He was trying for sub 6 hours... so he's really pleased with his result.


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