Monday, April 20, 2009

Sneak a Peek

I went to the Fall Out Boy tour concert last night.... to see Metro Station! My cousins Jessi and Meli paid ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS EACH for VIP tickets to meet the band(s)... or so they thought! Turns out the VIP tickets they had were only for Fall Out Boy, when in fact they had only wanted to meet Metro Station. AND to top it off Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy behaved like a total douche bag.

We listened to the first 2 bands and then it was time for METRO STATION!! yada yada yada... blah blah blah.... on to the good stuff.

We skip out right after MS plays and stalk on over to where the buses were expertly hidden behind a series of 18 wheelers. There's all kinds of activity but we're really far away behind a gate.

THAT'S when I spotted him. Trace Cyrus!! I call out "TRACE" but he doesn't turn or anything... and that's when my baby cuz Jes starts crying.

I mean you can imagine her disappointment right?! spend 150 dollars to meet the man of your dreams only to meet some jerk-offs!

Below the 18 wheeler I see some skinny legs in black tights and I knew in my soul it was Trace. I RUN to the edge of the gate and incredibly Trace is standing there shirtless... less than 20 feet away from me.

The begging begins.... "Please Trace... Please... Trace please come over" AND HE DOES!!!!!

Me and my cousins are all alone in a field with Trace Cyrus... just the man we wanted to see. It was incredible and the moment I get the pictures I will totally post them!

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