Thursday, April 23, 2009

Photo Friday

This is me when I was about 16 yrs old. I was vacationing at my aunt's house in Honduras... See I used to be this incredibly quirky kid. That crazy thing i have on my head was really a sash that my mom would use as a belt or something. She walks in the room to hand me the phone, and to her surprise, I wrapped it around my head.

Anyway, the point is is that somewhere between junior year of high school and typing this blog, I've lost a bit of that quirk. It comes out every now and then... late at night... in my sleepy hysteria. Somewhere deep inside of me there's the girl with the gold sash around her head.

AMENDMENT: Don't get me wrong... I'm still plenty 'out the box.' I think now I just fit in better with society. =D

PhotoStory Friday
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  1. You should let her out -- spice things up a bit!

  2. great post. theres nothing wrong with been abit quirky once in a while

    great photo friday

  3. maybe you should awaken that up a bit may make life more exciting for you

  4. I hate that, losing the highschool quirk. Sephie was the quirkiest kid ever, and once she started dating in highschool, she was too cool to play the fool so to speak. I love it when she gets her quirk on.

  5. You'll never loose it, it just comes out in a different way. lol!

  6. I think Peter Pan had something a little right...but we all have our kid moments still even as adults! :)

    Love the picture! fun!

  7. Quirks are simpatico, so just as long as you get along with others, keep them.

  8. That is such a funny picture! I used to tie this belt my sister got for me in the Philippines. This picture brought that image back to me, thanks!


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