Thursday, April 23, 2009

A story I just don't wanna tell

The week starts out nice... Monday I wake up sick as a dog in the pound.  I perform like poo on Tuesday, but that's not ALL that happens on Tuesday.  

See I've been planning my 10 year reunion since last november.  It was in Nov that I booked a very popular bar in NOLA to host our party.  I reserved the date and moved on from there.  Tracking down old friends, printing invitations, keeping the reunion on everyone's mind to encourage them to attend, receiving RSVP's, and all other party/reunion planning activities.

I started so early  because there were a lot of people who had to make travel arrangements.... I have people flying from the east coast, from texas, from ALL OVER.  The party is in less than ONE month away at this point.   

I call the bar to ask a couple of questions on some last minute details.....on Tuesday.  And it was on Tuesday that the bar-maid or whatever told me, rather rudely, that we were bumped off the docket to make way for a larger party.  WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no call no sorry no nothing.  She ends that conversation by simply hanging up the phone on me.

To not tire you out with a long story.... A few more phone calls were exchanged b/w me and the bar. For a while it seemed that both parties would happen at the same time.... Then they kicked us out again.   The last thing the barmaid said to me was, "You have been a problem since the beginning" and then she hung up on me again (the second time in 2 days!)  That's the last time  I communicated with anyone from that bar.  

So I spent all of yesterday calling bars, restaurants, hotels to see if anyone were available for THAT night at THAT time.  Nothing.

I've been praying.  I have faith that the Lord will send me the perfect location for our party. But I would be lying if I didn't admit that I'm pretty low and that my spirit is a little deflated.


  1. Oooo...that was rude. Way too rude. Report them to the BBB. Hope everything works out for you.

  2. sounds rough...on a happy note, thanks for the kind words and the help with the video thing-a-ma-jig!

  3. I'm going to ATTEMPT to be the biggest thorn in the Red Eye's Ass! BUT they are so incredibly popular that I doubt my little showdown will cause them any discomfort. its a shame though because they were sooOoO horribly ugly to me.


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