Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Disney on Ice

Fact: I love disney movies, shows, music, characters, stars.... the works.

As a child, like MOST children, I develop
ed a profound love for all things Disney.  I watched/rented/owned every movie (most of which I still have on VHS and now on DVD).  WELL, I never grew out of it.  I enjoy watching the Disney Channel with my daughter... I LOVE watching the movies, but I must admit the older movies are SO much better than the new ones.  The older ones were didactic. The new ones are all comedies and shallow. Anyways, tell me why last week we went to see Disney on Ice with my cousin Jessi and my mother in law.  Lia knew Mickey and Minnie because she watches Mickey Mouse Club House in the mornings but the rest of the movie characters were foreign to
 her, such as Lion King, Lilo and Stich, Peter Pan.  BUT I knew every song... every thing! and I think I enjoyed myself more than most of the children in the arena.  

Needless to say, we're going AGAIN! and I know it'll be just as fun for me, but maybe more fun for Lia- now that she'll be acquainted with them. P
lus, I've been showing her the movies all week so she can get to know the characters better. This time will be wonderful!


  1. I guess that is why Disney World (land) is more fun for adults? Abi loves Disney movies. She's seen "Booty and the Beast" at least 1,000 times. I"m a fan of the classics. Don't you wish they'd go back to the old way of doing animated movies? Enough of the computer animation!


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