Friday, May 08, 2009

One Act/ One Scene Play: Always Reading!

[Wife is sitting on the couch in a dimly lit family room. One lamp is all the light she has to read her book. Moments pass after which Husband walks into the room and turns on the television]

Wife: Okay you can watch tv, but try to keep it down because I'm trying to read my book.

[Husband doesn't say anything, but he acknowledges her request with a nod and acquiesces. After a while the pictures on the television screen start to catch Wife's attention ,and she begins paying more attention to the tv than her book... When all of a sudden a commercial comes on... ]

Wife: Oh my god! hahaha I love that guy!

Wife: He's hosting the MTV Movie Awards?!?!

Wife: He's so funny! I love him! Adam Sandberg...

Wife: Oh wait! His name is ANDY Sandberg.

Wife: Why did I call him Adam??

Wife: [turns to husband] OK! Let me read my book!

[Husband gives her a look of surprise mixed with disgust.]

The end!


  1. Is this life, or fiction, or memorex?

  2. Always real life... they're just little scenes from my everyday experiences. There are dozens in the archives lol


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