Monday, May 25, 2009

Way too late

I am not sorry about you.
Could never apologize for
Loving you.
Could never vocalize
What it meant to do
The things we knew we shouldn't do.
How could I take back the thoughts
And forget the lessons
Your friendship taught.
Am where I am and who I am
By doing things I shouldn't ought.
No way will I
Reign back my feelings
Each a favorite of mine--
Given to me by you.
So quickly the time flew!
And now it seems that its all done
But seared in me are all the fun
And silent times that we shared
While time on our memories
Will slowly wear.


  1. This is my favorite by you yet. It's so open that the reader can use the message for anyone, in just about any situation. Well done.

  2. Aw Thank you Alex! I'm glad you like it :)


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