Monday, May 04, 2009

I've never been lazier in all my life!

AAH I feel like doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, but eat and read.

Post Script: I've revisiting the Sookie Stackhouse books and have found that I like them more and more as the series goes on.


  1. I need to find myself traveling to a store in order to grab the rest of the Sookie books as well. I cheated and read a couple of the synopsis of the rest and am dying to see how it all turns out. Currently, am re reading Twilight. It's been a few years. Just finished her draft of Midnight Sun. It's a pity someone leaked a copy of it and now she won't finish it. I liked hearing Edward's side of the story.

  2. Midnight Sun was wonderful, and you're right its a SHAME its left undone, but she has to finish it. I don't know how she could live with herself leaving something undone like that! (or maybe she doesn't share in my OCD and is perfectly capable of such feats.)

    I've ordered Sookie books 4-6 on amazon earlier tonight and am willing myself to be patient for them to arrive and NOT go out to the B&N's tomorrow and get that instant gratification.

    I think that when the release date for new moon gets nearer I'll have to reread the series as well. I did it for the first movie, and I'm sure it'll become a new trend of mine.


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