Saturday, May 16, 2009

This is the day

This is the day
That the LORD has made.
We will rejoice
And be glad in it!

This was an echo song (and of course bible passage) that we would sing in grade school. I went to one of those Pre-K through 8th grade schools. A catholic school run by nuns. And the place where I found the most important and beloved of my friends.

well TODAY is the Day! of my 10 year 8th grade reunion. All 6 months of planning have lead up to this point and we'll see tonight, if all my hard work has paid off. I sure hope everything goes off without a hitch. I'm scared that the space is too small. I'm scared there won't be enough food. I'm scared everyone will be awkward and quiet. BUT I tried my best, and anything that comes my way will have to be dealt with accordingly.

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