Monday, May 04, 2009

Not me monday- running kind of late

While parked in the lot at the YMCA, rushing and running late to boot camp, noticing that my daughter still had her breakfast all over her face, I certainly did not use a diaper to wipe her face clean because I had forgotten to pack wipes.

I absolutely would never get totally obsessed with finishing "Club Dead." So as a result, I did not drive all over baton rouge running errands with my book in my left hand-reading the occasional sentence here or there during driving pauses. That would just be plain crazy.

As a perfectly well groomed American female, I did not go almost a month without shaving my legs. So today when my workout pants showed the bottom 6 inches of my legs...i surely did not take out a disposable razor and shave ONLY the bottom 6 inches of my legs.... that would have been abominable.


  1. LOL - shave 6 inches...I bet you would look great in shorts right about now :) No harm in using a diaper for clean's usually done with the bottom of my shirt! Have a great week!

  2. I just pretend to be pregnant when I "forget" to shave for months on end.


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