Tuesday, June 06, 2006


"And when you enter the workforce, you will find competition from those crossing our all-too-poorest borders. Now I know you’re all going to say, “Stephen, Stephen, immigrants built America.” Yes, but here’s the thing—it’s built now. I think it was finished in the mid-70s sometime. At this point it’s a touch-up and repair job. But thankfully Congress is acting and soon English will be the official language of America. Because if we surrender the national anthem to Spansih, the next thing you know, they’ll be translating the Bible. God wrote it in English for a reason! So it could be taught in our public schools.

So we must build walls. A wall obviously across the entire southern border. That’s the answer. That may not be enough—maybe a moat in front of it, or a fire-pit. Maybe a flaming moat, filled with fire-proof crocodiles. And we should probably wall off the northern border as well. Keep those Canadians with their socialized medicine and their skunky beer out. And because immigrants can swim, we’ll probably want to wall off the coasts as well. And while we’re at it, we need to put up a dome, in case they have catapults. And we’ll punch some holes in it so we can breathe. Breathe free. It’s time for illegal immigrants to go—right after they finish building those walls. Yes, yes, I agree with me."

--Stephen Colbert--

Its funny but in a way it reminds me of Swift's "A Modest Proposal" where he tries to solve the problem of poverty and an influx of starving children by coming up with the most outragous solutions [like feeding all of the unwanted children to wealthy land owners] as a way of showing us how ridiculous we are. To show us how far we take everything. That sometimes man kind doesn't think everything through. Now i'm not going to say that Stephen Colbert was thinking this intellectually when he wrote this speech, but it still conveys the same type of message.

*quote from another blogger; http://jimparsons.blogspot.com/*

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