Saturday, June 10, 2006

Ode to the signature people in my life:

My mother loves me more than anyone on this planet could love another individual. It is so true what people say "nobody will love you like your mother" Sometimes she crazy but its only because she's crazy for me. I'm honestly the reason my mom breathes and lives, and every decision she has ever made was for the best for me.

My father adores me, and though he usually is quiet and reserved, everyone knows who his little girl is. I'm his favorite [at least i like to think so] My father has always been the person that set me and my mom's over-the top-tempers straight. he's so chill and not the biggest cuddler but he's loving.

My husband is gorgeous, and he loves me more every single day. He works hard so that he can provide me and the baby with a life that we can be proud of. He never thinks of himself first. NEVER. its always about me or the baby and then he comes last. He sacrifices and settles, and i cant appreciate him more.

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