Monday, June 26, 2006

what a bad day guys

June 17, 2006
Lee and I are leaving Barnes & Noble and on our way home to see the US World cup game. We are on Vets blvd stopped at a light, when we feel a bump from behind. Lee gets out the car and theres this ghetto lady going crazy behind us. [he checks the cars and there is absolutely no damage] but SHE ends up calling hte cops. She tells the cops that we put our car in reverse and hit her from the front. [incredible, i've never seen anyone put his/her car in reverse in the middle lane on VETERANS MEMORIAL BLVD! before in my life] but anyways. So the police officer writes a report and put that there are conflicting stories, and that the violator could not be established...

2 days later... Statefarm contacts lee and says that the lady put in a claim and that they need to get the police report so they can establish liability

Today the 26th of June, the police report is finally available [it usually takes 10 business days]. I go to pick it up and I call state farm to tell them that i'm going to fax it to them so they can see that this lady is crazy when the IDIOT ADJUSTER tells me that they have already ACCEPTED LIABILITY! The company accepts liablity on a claim that we put our car in reverse and hit someone from the front in the middle lane on vets blvd. WITHOUT EVEN OBTAINING THE POLICE REPORT! I got upset, as you can imagine. and poor Jeremy {the adjuster} he had to bear my rant. but c'mon! what a-holes. My husbands insurance is going to go up b/c of a lady's crazy claim and statefarm's irresponsibility. Thats not fair.

So about 15 mins after i got off the phone with Jeremy, some other lady calls Lee at work and says that they are taking back liability and not paying anything until they receive the police report. WHICH THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE TO BEGIN WITH!

I'm running late to class at this point; i walk in and theres a quiz... 4 pages long in advanced grammar! we were going to be allowed to have a cheat sheet, but b/c i forgot about the quiz i didnt make one and therefore i went without. sucked

Now i'm home and every one is aggravating lol anyways i hope i wake up on a better side of the bed tomorrow.

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