Thursday, June 29, 2006

Independence Weekend

One act one scene play
[the two characters are husband and wife, they live seperately but try hard to keep their time together meaningful. The scene is split: Wife at computer in her home; Husband at laptop in his home... The day is Tuesday June 27th; july fourth is the following tuesday]

Wife: i was thinking that maybe we could do something for July fourth weekend.

Husband: yeah that would be great; i have off monday and tuesday. why dont you look up some hotels and see if we can get anything by the beach.

Wife: Okay baby [she starts searching the internet for about 20 mins]
Wife: Babe i dont think that we are going to be able to find anything for this weekend...

Husband: I didnt say anything about this weekend... I'm talking about July fourth weekend.

Wife: July Fourth weekend is this weekend.

Husband: Is it?

The end.

[so as you can piece together from this play. i'm not doing anything for july 4th. i'm staying home :( and being bored] ---totally sucks

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