Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thoughts of the future.

I scheduled my classes for fall semester today. I'm taking the smallest amount of hours since i've been in college. And its strange because i want to take more. i feel like i can handle more, but when i stop and think about it: the baby comes in october, i'll be living in baton rouge[i think] and i'll be commuting to school. and trying to study in between cries and trying to find time to sleep and trying to keep a household and a husband and my sanity. and read for classes and do homework and papers and wowzers. how am i going to do it with a baby? i think i might be in over my head. I dont think that my gpa will be able to hold up. Should i just give up on graduating summa cum laude? i think so. at this point it seems like an unattainable goal. Maybe i would feel a relief of pressure if i just allowed myself some b's.

But once you start feeling okay about b's then C's become acceptable and then what?!? all of my hardwork just goes down the tube.

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