Tuesday, June 20, 2006

World cup

Since the only team i'm really rooting for in the cup is USA and they dont seem to be doing too well. I'm starting to develop loser remorse for those that are getting KILLED. right now ecuador is playing germany and its embarrassing how much germany is CONQUERING them. :( Togo got killed yesterday by swizterland. I feel horrible for them and their countries.

I mean this is the ONLY sport that the WORLD tunes in to see with passion. Its not the olympics which is 10e918-43 different events. This is just country vs country in the most popular sport in the world! thats incredible. I know here in the states its not as popular; probably explains why we dont do extremely well, but we are getting better i suppose. O well, gotta get back to the game [3-0 Germany]

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