Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Empty thoughts

Have you ever sat on your ass so long that you've grown moss and almost turned to stone? I felt like that today. The only reason i got up was to gorge myself with more food. Oh by the way: Besides being a sloth, I'm a glutton as well. I figure those are a couple of pretty nice deadly sins.

Me in hell,"SoooOooO what you in for?"

Fellow Hellian: "uhh did a couple of lustings and 3 wraths."

Me, "Oh yeah... well I'm a lazy glutton."

Proud smirk on my face.

Its really very horrible. When will it end? I feel uninspired. I want to have the old lively vitality. I'm tired of feeling tired and bored. My poor daughter must be very bored with me too. Maybe its a phase...

I hope, cuz this is ridiculous!

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