Sunday, December 14, 2008

Is this normal?

Is it normal to become completely obsessed with a celebrity?  I doubt that it is.  Reason being: that your over-fascination must be fueled by the hope that one day this person will find you and desire you... Even if it is only a tiny sliver of hope, it still exists.  Why else would one devote so much attention to the celebrity?

I am a sufferer of celebrityobsessivitis.  As of yet, I have not found a cure.  I have only found more youtube videos.  And i have to be honest, it's not helping.    I've even begun to start showing symptoms:   restlessness, dark circles under eyes, red dry eyes due to too much youtube/web surfing... Its horrible.  

If only russell brand or Georges St. Pierre would marry me!! ----NO NO i didn't mean that.  I'm worse than I thought.  My impulses are even externalizing themselves through my blogging. 

This is serious.  

If you or anyone you know has been cured of celebrityobsessivitis, please contact me.

no no that was the wrong link. Here ya go:---->click here!!!<----

You have just got to admit that he's so super hot when he talks french... 

Okay so i'm sure you've noticed. I watch a lot of youtube.   Its the cross I have to bear. 

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