Friday, December 19, 2008

who's Mitch?!?

So me and my girls went to the night the B stole Christmas WHERE the Vettes performed and Lady GaGa, Metro Station, and Gavin Degraw.  

well the only band I had any vague knowledge of was The

We were very lucky to meet a lot of the Rock Stars. My baby cousin even got her hand grabbed by Trace Cyrus from Metro Station and she also leapt like a ballerina to catch his water bottle, WHICH SHE DID! awesome. 

We skipped out early to try to catch Metro Station going into their tour bus.  While we were waiting we saw the bass player of The Vettes hanging around outside, Mitch.  My cuz, Melissa, was going on about him ssooOoOoOOooOOOo much--- how he's her favorite. How he's the cutest one in the band.  And the truth is is that Mitch was definitely the friendliest and most humble of the Vettes, by far.  After he spoke to us for a while and returned inside the HOB, we were all mentioning how sweet Mitch was, whennn...... Melissa responded by saying: "Who's Mitch?!"

She had just gone on about how he was her love for over 5 minutes straight.  

Who's Mitch?  She asked like 4 times.  It was ins
ane.  Hilarious, but insane. 

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