Sunday, December 21, 2008

Whip Lash: Its all Amy's fault...


My friend blogs as well, and she found this wonderful site that has blog backgrounds. I saw her super cute background and wanted one as well. BUT i haven't been able to stick to a certain background. There was something about each one that bothered me to no end. So I've changed my background an abundance of times. I'm sure if you've visited this blog before you've noticed how it rarely looks the same twice. 

I've settled on this one.  Get comfortable.



  1. haha I haven't browsed any of the other ones, but for once in my life I was decisive about something.

    anyway, I like this one!!

    ps. if this comment shows up twice, i had a grammatical error and i know how much those bug you, so i posted it correctly.

  2. haha! you're so silly! I wouldn't have noticed, i'm sure. Girl, i'm so grammatically incorrect on this thing. its terrible.


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