Sunday, December 21, 2008

Now Thoughts about Back Then

You are sitting down watching tele
or laying down waiting on Hypnos to bring you to his world of slumber
when your mind begins to wander.
And in the interlaced scrambling of vector thoughts,
you are triggered,
and almost immediately you are somewhere else.
Somewhere familiar
as if you had just left and were simply recalling the events of the day.
Your mind is oddly focused,
and you can almost taste and smell the intangible memory world.
This has happened before,
but then you could bring it all back.
you could close your eyes and escape into the past.
Time has elapsed now.
Perhaps too much time for this once concrete dream to manifest itself as anything more than a simple apparition.
Now you are struggling to feel what you once felt at the closing of your eyes
Back then it was all that you needed.
Just darkness
You welcomed the darkness.
Now you are reaching for it.
Brushing it with your finger tips.
It's too far now.
You resign to the loss.
You're eyes are open,
and the darkness that once materialized into other worlds
is now just the absence of light,
and you are alone in your room or chair.
You will try again,
but it will only become more vague.
Until the memory
regresses into hazy once-somethings
Until those hazy once-somethings
regress into nothingness.
And those one time now thoughts about back then
have ended, and you never even noticed.

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