Wednesday, December 03, 2008

My Little House

My house is very small, and the living area is further decreased by the amount of SHIT we have piled up in every room-- like we live in the baton rouge dump/junk yard.  I bet there's a small asian family living in our downstairs bedroom and we don't even know it BECAUSE there is so much stuff EVERYWHERE. I'm starting to go insane....

You know when something is so dirty you can't bring yourself to clean it. You rather throw it away than occupy your efforts to cleaning it. Well if i could throw everything in my house away and start over, my life would become so much more tranquil.  I'm thinking about applying to one of those tv shows that comes to your house and throws stuff away and helps you get organized. ANYTHING.  

Lee last night was talking about a yard sale, but that means we would have to organized all the stuff first. And we're back to the beginning.

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