Sunday, December 21, 2008

One Act One Scene Play: Hairy Harriette

[Wife is sitting at the computer looking at pictures of Julia Roberts with armpit hair.  Husband walks into room]

Husband: Ahh Thats disgusting... Why are you looking at that?
Wife: I don't know. I think its kinda funny, but you gotta think about it.  Why is it so horrible   for a woman to not shave her underarms?  I think I may try that out. Not shave my pits   for an eternity and then go to the gym and lift weights. See how people react.
Husband:  Women aren't supposed to be hairy.  
Wife: That's so ridiculous!
Husband: Look you can grow out a hair bush if you want to be the nastiest most disgusting of all time.

The end.

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