Friday, December 19, 2008

Serenity at its creepiest

Gavin DeGraw was another interesting one. He was like a whimsical "faerie" He was so mellow and graceful. It was almost creepy. He spoke very softly and agreed with everything i said.


(Jillien and Her cousins are outside of the House of BLues. The night is incredibly foggy and humid. They're waiting to catch a glimpse of Metro Station, when out of the fog Gavin DeGraw appears.)

Jillien: (shouting) Is that GAVIN?!

[Gavin slowly walks toward the crowd of girls. He is almost floating and then within seconds he's right in front of their faces]

Gavin: [softly] Hello
Jillien: [hoots] Hi Gavin, can you sign this?

[she hands him her friends phone]

Gavin: Sure

[Gavin pulls out his own Sharpee marker out of his pocket.]

Jillien [commenting] Oh you brought your own marker

[Gavin chuckles]

Jillien: I saw you upstairs enjoying Metro Station.
Gavin: Yeah I was.
Jillien: I also saw those girls enjoying you... You must have been very flattered.
Gavin: I was I was
Jillien: I would have been flattered too if a bunch of hot girls were hanging all over me.

[Gavin gives a creepy calm smile]

Jillien: Can we switch markers?
Gavin: No.

The End

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