Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Microfiction Monday ==Drafted :(

The Picture

The Story (In 140 characters or less) 
"Just look at us, sister! The fae will never find us among the humans!" Not knowing that all of Faerie peered back thru the looking-glass.

My dang internet was down, and I couldn't get this published to save my life. So here it is a DAY LATE!


  1. Good job Jillian, I had heard about thoses faerie's, I really like the superstition theme!
    Have a great week ahead, and I'll be back next week!

  2. LOL...This is briliant and a great take on the picture. Watch out for lurking faeries :) LOL Have a great day :0

  3. Oh Yes! I love this! Excellent take on the photo.

  4. Oh, excellent! Wonderfully unexpected use of the mirror ROFL poor girls!

  5. Great way to approach this picture. Love it!

  6. Yours was worth waiting for! All of Fairie looking back! Kinda stalkerish, don't you think?

    I scrolled down and read about the day that made you sad. Take your cue from your 3 year old -- it didn't leave a lasting hurt on her, she still had a great day.

    My 13 year old son was commenting about a boy from school today who is by all definitions, obnoxious. His dad and I replied that it sounded like the boy was a wounded soul, and that our son should be praying for him instead of retaliating or complaining. Then the 16 year old daughter said, "we have one like that ... etc." So we turned to her and said, "same thing. You are to be praying for him."

    Now if I can only remember to apply that myself when someone wounds my feelings! Blessings...


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