Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Today Lia had her first day back at school since before Christmas. She had been talking for days about playing with her "best"friend.

This morning when I asked her if she were excited to go back to school she said "I'm excited to play with my friends."

Fast Forward--I pick her up from school and ask her how her day went.
"I had a good day" she responds with zeal.
"Did you play with your best friend?" I asked
"Why not?"
"She run away from me."
"Why would she do that"
"She doesn't like me."

Cue tears..... and no not from Lia. My heart was breaking. I could feel my face twisting as I tried not to cry in front of her.

I'm reading this book Parenting with Love and Logic, and it would call this situation a Significant Learning Opportunity (SLO) for Lia. The worst thing I could to is sweep down and fix it for her or take control. I should just stay out of it. Ooooookay. [Check] I've not done anything. I'm letting her deal with this.  (while offering encouragement and love, of course. )

But where's the book that helps my heart stop breaking? Where's the book that helps me not feel as if it were done to me? Where's the book that dries my tears?


  1. I wish there was a book that could comfort moms. I find that the social stress on kids and moms to be the hardest thing to watch. I hear that even young little girls can get caught up in that whole "in crowd" thing. I'm not looking forward to the time when my daughter has to deal with it.

    You're handling it the best you can. Lia will be fine :)

  2. Awe I hurt for you because that post brought back some of my own memories related to this. It's tough, but just be confident that you have done your best with Lia and in the whole scheme of things, it'll all be okay. She'll make plenty of friends in her lifetime.

  3. THanks ladies. I need to better cope. She'll be okay and make new friends. It seems like it hurts my feelings more than it hurts her.

    But thanks again for the kind words :)


  4. kids can be so cruel! ((hugs))


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