Monday, January 11, 2010

Microfiction Monday

The Picture

The Story (In 140 characters or less) 
As she flowed toward the bright greenness of her old world, Jil felt an anxious need to return to the dark world where she was never alone.

Had i had (much) more than the allotted characters, It would have read. "As she flowed toward the bright greenness of her old world, her mood started changing. She flowed steadily toward its sterility and its silence. Immediately, Jill felt panic--a painful need to turn back into the bizarre world from which she came. Her new world, her new life, a place where at first she was held hostage by its parallels and disfunction but also where she was in a constant state of companionship--be it not always nice. Her dark world where she would never be alone again."


  1. Intriguing!

    Meth addict?
    Long ago eloped with a hideous but disarmingly gentle troll?

    You've got me looking at the dark/light in the photo in a whole new way -- I like this a lot!

  2. Wow...I like this one. Well done my friend. Who knows what comes from the dark side. Excellent my friend :)

  3. Thanks guys... Susan to your questions of the identity of my protagonist...

    Its just a normal girl, who floated her way into a dark world.... she struggled and succeeded in finding her way back... only to realize, at the last stand, that she never fit in that green world to begin with. She wants the darkness to take her back.

  4. Very interesting! Good job Jillien.


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