Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Never to suffer would never to have been blessed
--Edgar Allen Poe

With the recent life-shattering earthquake in Haiti, a person can often wonder WHY?! But the Lord is powerful, and it is within His power to turn tremendous tragedy into great and tremendous blessing. We have sat around allowing our sisters and brothers in Haiti to live in the most impoverished country in all the Western Hemisphere. We can no longer divert our eyes. Haiti is not only on the forefront of our thoughts but incessantly pulling at our heart strings as well. It is a time to rebuild, not only because there is no where left to go but toward progress, but also because we are called to act!


  1. The suffering is overwhelming. Those poor people. You're right that we are all called upon to act and help our brothers and sisters in Haiti.

  2. Very true. I am so heart broken for the Haitian people!


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