Wednesday, May 17, 2006

funny moment

Lee was trying to make fun of me the other night by making up a song...

[background info you must know to find this funny: Lee doesnt sing anything. he never even learns the words to songs. So when he drinks and finally feels like singing he just ends up mumbling really loudly because he doesnt know any words]


So he's making up his OWN song about me and he starts mumbling through the lyrics. He doesnt even know the words to his OWN made up song. [i mean he could have said ANYTHING] HAhaha So then i came up with the idea that he should make a cd where he knows only some of the words that he's singing. I mean wouldnt that be great to have a cd where the artist doesnt even know the words to the song.
The critics would hate it
The intellectuals would find it innovative and inspiring
and the Pot Heads would think its the best thing since pizza rolls.

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