Saturday, May 13, 2006

A word of advice...

For all of you who have a gf/bf AND mothers...

When you get in a fight with your significant someone, keep it between you and your gf/bf. DO NOT think that you can trust your mother with being cool enough to talk to about the fight. Mothers go crazy when they think that their mama's boys or their little girls are hurt by some bastard/bitch who isnt good enough for their baby... Chances are that when you get in a fight with your bf/gf yall will get over it in a matter of hours or minutes depending on the fight, but the damage that you do to your bf/gf's relationship with your parents is hard to turn around. Moms stay angry way after you get over it.

So the moral of the story is: If you love your wo/man, and yall have a lovers spat NO MATTER HOW HORRIBLE. if in your heart you know its not the END OF ALL ENDS then do your best to work it out with your sig other. write it in a journal, but DO NOT include your mother.
word to the wise.

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