Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Ready for the big Surprise?!

So i havent spoken to anyone in a long time. I havent gone out in a really long time. I feel totally out of the social loop, and so i'm pretty sure that anything i say will be a huge surprise to everyone. Well DUM DUM DUM!

I'm getting married on Friday. Can you believe it? I' m going to be someone's wife. Its really scary. I mean think about it. How do you do it? I'm about to find out. so ask me in a year or two; if you ever want to know.

I mean marriage is FOREVER and ever and ever. It seems so unnatural because human nature is sooo temporary. Life, sleep, hunger, cold, hot, temptations, urges, cravings, etc. Nothing in human nature is FOREVER, but i have a feeling that my love and my marriage will be forever. because i am a strong person. and i'm in it for the long haul. I'm a fighter, and personally feel that i work hard to try to keep relationships together [from past experience] so anyways. wish me luck, and love me, and think about me. Its gunna be hard.

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