Thursday, May 04, 2006

Memoirs of a Geisha

I just finished it tonight. it took me about a week. i was completely consumed with it and finishing it that by the end i was skipping whole paragraphs to get to the good parts. i know what you must be think..."Dude that book's been out for a thousand years and you're just reading it" well to relax your mind. yes i'm just reading it. I bought it even before the movie came out, so i dont have the new book with the movie cover but i just never got around to reading it until now. Lee has been doing some over time and having to work after getting home from his normal 9 to 5 so one day i brought the book along to entertain me. even then i didnt get too far, but then suddenly i went on warp speed and haven't put it down since.

actually the other day i was stuck in traffic and i took it out to glance over while i sat and waited. i know i'm the hazardous driver your mother's always warning you about.. you know that one that eats, changes the radio station, puts on makeup, and READS A BOOK while she drives... shoot me!

well to end my book review its a wonderful book. it was like the author wrote out my exact feelings for how i feel about lee. my life has taken many turns just to get me to him. thank you God, for always knowing what is best for me even though i dont see it that way at first.

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