Monday, May 22, 2006

In class

so i'm in my advanced grammar class and its moments before our first "quiz" [MORE LIKE AN EXIT EXAM it was 5 pages long!] anyways not the point. The teacher gives us an opportunity to ask any questions we want AND to review any exercises in the book.

keep in mind: I'm an english major. Everyone else in the class is an education major. and they are ALL friends with each other because they have so many classes together. I know no one in the class SOOOOO....

the teacher is letting us go over exercises in the book and i say we go over this kind of tricky exercise towards the beginning, AND EVERYONE IN THE CLASS is like "No..." "thats so easy" "we already went over that!" and so forth. so i say "Ok nevermind! lets not go over it"

Well sweet irony: Everyone failed the quiz most especially the last two pages that had a lot to do with the exercise that i wanted to review. Now we have to take 2 more quizzes to try to bring up our grades. hmm interesting

All those retarded education majors.

The first day of class this middle aged white woman that sounded like she was born and raised and never left the westbank was trying to communicate a story in ADVANCED GRAMMAR class, and she was all like .."They was trying to fix the schedule, blah blah blah" They was? what is that? thats horrible? Now dont get me wrong. I'm probably one of those people that failed the quiz too. i dont know i havent received my grade, but come on now.

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