Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Housing search

trying to find and buy a house is like trying to kiss a racoon. You know its going to be a little hard but not incredibly impossible, but it turns out to be a living hell and you ended up with stiches on your lips. and i'm goin to have stiches in my butt when they stick it to me with the mortgage and the realtor.

Every aspect of it sucks. You're constantly double guessing yourself and you always wait out to see if anything better comes but it only gets worse and you feel you missed out.

At this point i feel like i've been searching FOREVER and i'm never going to find anything, and if i do find something its going to be a 150,000 dollar 2 story dorito bag under the expressway!

I'm getting desperate.


  1. Thank you Jillien for the comment on the blog and thank you for entertaining me with your writing...I do hope you kiss that racoon soon and that it is not a 2 story dorito bag...


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