Wednesday, May 17, 2006

what a day

ever feel like the day is just so stressful sooo not good that you dont even have energy to rethink it. Its kind of just a passing ghost through an empty hallway. No headache just headnumb. i reached a peak of stress today that far passed what i ever though i could manage. then the day ended and i went home and now its over.

I wonder if life is going to stay this way. Is life ever just going to stop being so stressful and all of a sudden be incredibly exciting... and then again whats the difference? I guess excitment has a possitive connotation where you assume that it brings about happiness. I'm the wierdest depressed chick on the face of the planet i think. I mean i'm supposed to be unhappy and yet my brain wont let me reach that edge. It just numbs out and lets me enjoy the little things. Like Tito bird or swirly pudding. I'm grateful for that. My kitten boxed a rose yesterday and i found it hilarious. do depressed people laugh? i dont know... maybe i'm something different. maybe in distress.

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