Thursday, May 25, 2006

Ok so what's new?

I'm sitting in my living room trying to think of something worth reading, and i glance over and Tito [my kitten] is sitting looking outside at the window sill. He keeps crying because he's dying to go outside, but i'm about to leave to go to school and i dont have time to wait for hours for him to come back. [and yes i have to wait. we have a lot of tom cats around here and they arent very friendly. PLUS tito is slightly spoiled, and i like to make sure that he is safe and has food and water at all times] ANYWAYS.

The point is that my life is like this most of the time. I'm waiting. I'm waiting for class to start. I'm waiting for the cafeteria at school to open. I'm waiting all the time for something to happen. Is that normal? I never wanted to be normal. I've actually always had a problem with the concept of 'normal'. so maybe i should change the word and say is that common? is everyone waiting? I mean i'm sure there are those that wake up and make stuff happen every second of every day. I want to be one of those people, i guess. [now i'm starting to sound like the little mermaid] but its true.

You know what?! i should probably not jinx myself. Soon i'm going to have toooo much on my hands, and not even have a moment to think about how one day a while back i wanted to be uncommon. I wanted to be a somebody. I'll just be an anybody, and not have any time or energy to change that.


  1. as soon as you say that your waiting on something...BAMM!!! (i know it was a terrible sound effect but what the hey..) you get trampled with about 50eleven things to careful what you wish for...

  2. I know you're so right, and most of the time when i say i want somehting to happen the powers above teach me a lesson and make it happen in the extreme.

  3. still waiting on my office visit..

  4. where ya working poppable?



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