Monday, May 15, 2006


ok so for a while i've been doing nothing but complain and express how incredibly unhappy i am, well this is going to be a sickening lovey dovey post. sooo turn away if you must:

My one and only happiness in life is Lee.
I cannot believe how much he loves me, why? i have no idea.
but he has stuck it out and it seems to be for the long haul. [and lord knows with me involved it isnt going to be easy.
He is soooooo forgiving and understanding that i wonder how an individual could exsist that is so close to perfect goodness.
Lee has little character faults that are more like characteristics than flaws.
He puts up with my everlasting nagging. lol

Lee finds me funny... he's always laughing and in his own little corney way Lee is really funny too and makes me laugh even though i dont let him see it all the time. He's beautiful.

I'm happy... with him i am happy. God blessed me.

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