Saturday, November 21, 2009

In another writing rut

On command.
I need to tap into my muses mind
On command. 
No patience or desire
To be left behind.
To have to wait
For my will to take
What is rightfully Mine.


  1. So - how was New Moon? I'm going today! Can't wait!

  2. I went to New Moon and I completely agree with what you said - it was fantastic! I like it way better than Twilight was and I am so Team Edward too - it was remarkable! They stuck closer to the book this time and I felt like the director did better too. The camera angles weren't as awkward. I loved it! So happy to share my delights with you! :)

  3. A classic problem! I hope you break free soon!

  4. Don't worry. You're Muse will be knocking on your door soon. If you see my Muse, please send her over :)


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