Friday, November 27, 2009

it has arrived.

I know I should be tired--I'm just not. It's cold outside, but it does not slow me down. It wouldn't dare. I ignore the crispy caresses of this new winter breeze. I have no shoes, and my running is causing painfully sharp pebbles to effectively pierce into my feet. No stumbling. Keep running. Its dark, and if a car were to turn the corner, there'd be no way for the driver to see me. Instant smash. This is a risk I'm willing to take. I'm almost there. Just around the bend. In the pitch, I see the tall metal box that holds my happiness. Wrapped somewhere within, it is waiting. Impatiently, I slow down and carefully assess this maddeningly organized set of locked boxes. The key. I hold the key that opens the one door. No stumbling. Keep searching.  Yes! It's open. Yes! It's in there. Stuck. How was this impossibly large package shoved into this ridiculously small nook? Dig. I force my cold hands into the small space and dig. I rip. I pull. I curse. I still feel the brisk wind on my face. My feet are still bare on the cold cement. My hands... My hands are scrapping against the metal sides.  My hands are pulling against the wrapping.  My hands hurt. It moves! I keep nudging. Finally, it is free! I hold it close to my body. Giddy. I'm giddy as I make the run back.  Running faster than before, in my impatience to hold it comfortably. All alone. I wish to be all alone with it. Its mine. The treasures it holds within its spine. The secrets it has kept from me. The nights and days I've spent pining are over.

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  1. Awesome. Great job. I can feel the excitement. :)


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