Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Upon finishing a book

Been staying up late every night
Just trying to finish you.
I'm exhausted...
Actually, I'm quite the opposite.
I'm overflowing with words,
and images,
and thoughts,
and horrors,
and victories.
I know its late,
But I've got an unread romance novel
Collecting dust on my overfilled book shelf.
Should go to sleep,
But knowing me, I'm most
Probably going to keep reading.
I'm not exhausted...
I'm quite the opposite.


  1. Reading into the night and early morning is great. Obsessive.

    Wordless Wednesday - Pirates' Strumpet

    it's possible google reader dropped my feed again

  2. I need to get into a great book again. I miss those late night reading sessions. They fill the soul.


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