Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What is it?

"But I have never for a moment wavered in my belief that we would make each other very happy, and I swear to you, with my whole being, and no matter the circumstances, I do absolutely want you."

-Splendor, Anna Godberson

Ever want something so bad that no matter what has happened to that something or someone... you'd take it anyway.

Love can be a tricky little thing--at times its easily overlooked, ignored, denied, repressed, suppressed... but desire is so intensely simple that it's almost impossible to ignore. It rings in every fiber of your body. Desire consumes all thoughts. You fight against the impulse to just spring and take it.

Ever look at something and think, "I do absolutely want you."

My daughter has that look when she sees candy. My husband and my father share that desire for chocolate. Some, I'm sure, look at cars.... and others, I'm certain, look at people.


  1. There's a poem here. The images are ready. Wonderful post Jillien. Thanks for your kind words yesterday on my blog :)


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