Thursday, November 19, 2009

Who am I?

There once was a girl named Jillien,
with hair dyed several shades of vermillion.
She partied night and day--
Wasted her money away
Not realizing true friends are one in a billion.

There then was a lady named Jill,
who met a young man and decided to chill.
It went a little farther.
They delivered a daughter.
Now she's up to her elbows in bills.

There now lives a woman named Jilli
Who never grew out of being silly.
She dreams of far off places,
While blogging and checking myspaces.
She reads and she writes at her will-y.


  1. Love to visit "Jilli" all the time! Great post with wonderful pictures!

  2. Thank you ladies! I thought I'd dabble in the ancient and distinguished poetic form of Limerick. I'm so happy you enjoyed.


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