Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Analisa at A Word to Take Away spoke Truth in this Incredible Post(<--click to read)

I have been offered an overwhelmingly amazing opportunity, but like always when faced with challenges, I'm beginning to feel the nerves.

Can I live up to the expectation?
Will I succeed or disappoint?
Can I do this?

Analisa's words convinced me that YES of course I'll succeed because I have faith that the LORD will deliver all the tools I need in order to thrive! Yes, I can do this. Yes, I will be challenged and pushed to limits, but it will reveal the depths of my character and the depths of the LORD's power and love.


  1. I love Analisa! She knows how to keep us on track and find the hope and strength in God that we need to accomplish anything. You're an amazing, creative woman Jillien. I know that you will find much happiness in the pursuit of your dreams.


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